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Today is our final day in Calaguas. They always say.. "Save the best for last!" I like it when we take our ultimate succulent breakfast. Let's take a moment of gentle burps just before we begin with our next adventure. We intentionally set our island hopping before we loose our sights with these awesome more-some species of islets and islands. Let's bid goodbye to the flabbergasting, huge and long cove of Mahabang Buhangin beach. Sayonara to its fine-grained, soft and white sand.. We fell in love with you! Farewell to the rolling hills of Tinaga Island. We'll see you soon, toodle-oo!

Mahabang Buhangin beach in Tinaga Island, Calaguas
A small slice of Mahabang Buhangin beach in Tinaga Island, Calaguas.

A sail-boat to Balagbag Island
A sail-boat to Balagbag Island in the wide blue sea of Calaguas.

Hello Balagbag Island! Here we are..! Here we come..! What do you got?! We really can't wait to explore our first island stop. The rest of our happy family choose to stay in a native hut by the seashore to get themselves refreshed with crisp buko juice and buko meat sold by the locals. Yum, yum, yum! Oh mama..! It's a perfect place for your perfect siesta. A catnap under the shadow of the trees swaying through the sea breeze might be a good idea.

Balagbag Island with its white sandy beach
Balagbag Island with its white sandy beach, a few native huts and a couple of trees.

So, how about us? Well, we can't settle ourselves by just feeding our tummies with super yumminess and our eyes with extra awesomeness. We always aim for a cut above the rest! So, Yan, Sky and I rush to hike the top-view point of Balagbag hills. Bem, our favorite cousin, follows us under the scorching heat of the sun. Oh, and dad too!

Balagbag hill-top
Sky is in awe with this panorama from Balagbag hill-top! The beaches from island to island are viewable from here..

Natural wonders endow Sky with genuine smile
Natural wonders endow Sky with genuine smile..

Feels like it's the dog days of summer atop of Balagbag hill. The sun flares a blazing heat. Yet, the view emits a chilling effect! It's literary jaw-dropping! I can only say "Wow!" The grassland turns from sheeny yellow-green to slightly golden-brown. The mixture of daylight and wind makes the scenery so enlivening! We can wander around and get burned in the shortest possible time. From dark to dark skin to ear to ear smile. Vision is our only limit in this island. Standing stunned at the hill-top, we can vividly see more of the puzzling islets and islands all over the cryptic ocean. Ocean??! Hehehe!

The green hills, the blue sea and the white beaches
The green hills, the blue sea and the white beaches!

Edges are not only sandy but rocky too
Edges are not only sandy but rocky too!

In the space slicing the cottony sky and the grassy land
In the space slicing the cottony sky and the grassy land..

More often than not, I get myself lost in the spot. But my husband never really misses an opportunity to capture every moment of us in a place dwelt by elements of surprise. He takes every breathtaking scenery of Calaguas. We can see the lively blue-green to blue-water gently hitting every shore of the islands. It's a coast-to-coast seduction. The edges are enticingly exhibiting their shiny-white sands. It's a beautiful craft!

He never gets tired of climbing every hill-top view
He never gets tired of climbing every hill-top view.

A dwarf in the tiny cliff
A dwarf in the tiny cliff!

The cliff without the dwarf
The cliff without the dwarf.

We have to get moving, though. It's already time for lunch break. Our last meal is still an inclusion of the tour package we paid for. We have to take advantage of its distinctive native Calaguas taste. Kids are playing in the sand of Balagbag beach while taking their meals. What else can be more fun with this? They surely enjoy the seclusion of the place. The beach equally grants a powdery-white sand with a twist of winsome pebbles smoothed by the racing mild to wild waves. The water, to the same extent, creates a glimpse of crystal clear to fine green to lusty blue color scheme. I have no more words left to describe it!

We own the islands and the sea, in our dreams
We own the islands and the sea, in our dreams..

Sunny side up with side to side smile
Sunny side up with side to side smile!

We're burning in blaze. We're crazy amazed
We're burning in blaze..We're crazy amazed!

Now, we are off to our next hop. We are heading to this rocky islet that I don't know much about. I don't really mind about it's name. I just love to see it. One thing, it's innately shaped with natural rock formation. Sure thing, ideal for Instagram shots. Except, we don't have an Instagram account. Hehehe! Though, we can't stay longer in the islet at noontide since it's shade less. The burning sensation of the sunlight combined with the warmth of the vaporized seawater can get overwhelming. We have to get sailing to the final hop.

Time is ticking really fast so we have to decide which island should we take for our last stop. There's this tempting white cove edging the other side of Tinaga Island. We ask the boatmen to take us there and see what's in it for us. We're all high-spirited still. Every moment of our trip is larger than life. Perhaps, it's because we know that we're going back to our city life. Good places are hard to come across nowadays in this cutting-edge time.

Just another red-hot island to explore in Calaguas
Just another red-hot island to explore in Calaguas.

Fairly wide and creamy white sand awaits
Fairly wide and creamy white sand awaits...

Rock and solid, back and front
Rock and solid, back and front..

Let's make the most out of our final island destination. This part of Tinaga is just another far-fetched spot where wanderers will surely take pleasure in. The beach is fairly huge with a few evident rock formations around. There are signage indicating it being privately owned. I have a feeling.. this will be a commercial resort in the future. It's noticeably that the sand here is not as powdery-white as it is in Mahabang Buhangin. Obviously, this hasn't been crowded with millions of truant feet yet. I also think that it's comparatively creamy-white in color. But if ever they turn this beach into a resort, I'm pretty sure its sand will eventually transform into powder-like and perhaps shiny-white. On the other hand, I think it would be a good idea to keep this beach private, naked and unexploited.

A survey of mini-cave with I and Sky
A survey of mini-cave with I and Sky..

Everywhere is a found playground for a young heart and soul
Everywhere is a found playground for a young heart and soul..

Mini-canyon scrutiny with dad and Sky
Mini-canyon scrutiny with dad and Sky.

There's this small and narrow mini-cave slash mini-canyon formed within the rocks. It's a nice scene for photographs. Sky is so curious about what lies on the other side. Narrow as it is, Yan and I try to fit our bodies in so we can join Sky with his child's play adventure and satisfy what's right up his alley. We try to make it extra thrilling for our little boy by telling him some horror stories about creepy creatures that may dwell in the island. But just before we know it, a young girl suddenly appears right in front of our big eyes! She is dead-serious sneaking upon us. She surely gives us a fright! It 's funny when we try to play scare with Sky then we get frightened, instead. A taste of our own medicine, indeed! Hehehe!

There's a girl on the other side
Oh my! There's a girl on the other side! He follows close behind..

So, who's this girl? Not a ghost, not a supernatural creature but a young local. She lives in the island for sure. She keeps following us wherever we go and watch over us whatever we do. We speak to her but she won't respond. Except she tells us we need to pay like 500 pesos to stay and occupy the island for long. We're sorry little girl, we're just dropping by your beautiful habitat. We're leaving so soon. We take a few photos and get back to the boat.

You're shining bright
In dim light.. You're shining bright!

Silhouette permits an adorable shape of you
Silhouette permits an adorable shape of you..

While taking steps towards our boat, there's this white lone dog walking with us. It seems delighted to see aliens around. It doesn't bark and it plays with the kids. I'm scared of dogs but I can tell, this one is gentle. It follows us until we all get in the boat. That's when it starts barking. Just when we're about to leave, it starts crying and running like crazy! For a second, we are clueless and frozen. Noone even thinks of taking a photo. We're lost in the scene. We all agree then.. The dog wants to come with us! We can't get moving for a moment. It's almost trying to cross over the water to reach us. The kids are crying to go back and adopt the poor dog. Oh, dear! If only we can..we surely will.. But the dog is surely not an orphan. It lives in a beautiful island.

Now, we start sailing out of Calaguas Group of Islands. The waves are no longer rough but rather calm. It will be a tranquil boat-ride through the light smell of the fragrant sea. There's no denying, Calaguas yields the best beaches in Bicol Region, so far. It's a dreamy place you won't mind to shell out a lot. It's a heavenly smash! So saddening that we're leaving.. But, we're surely coming back. See you again!

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