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Here's the sequel to the story "Calaguas Island: Powdery White Sand Beach, Camarines Norte - Travel Blog". The adventure continues the next day.

Good morning my little dear sunshine! We surely had a goodnight sleep here at Calaguas camp site. When in island, Mom usually sleeps late and wakes up early. But not today.. Everyone's having delightful breakfast now but mom? Oh well, she sleeps in.. (Feel at home ang lola mo! Feeling naka air-con.) Can't blame her.. It's likely cold in here.

Sky is always the last one standing when spending a night in an island. So, he couldn't be a morning person he actually is. I have to wake him up because we're all set for our morning short hike to Calaguas hills. If there's one thing I like more about this island is that, it doesn't only offer exciting water adventures. It also promises a little hike under the early rays of sun. We pay a hundred pesos each for this hiking. We're all itching to get on our feet! So, now we walk..

Trail to Calaguas hills
Trail to Calaguas hills

The trail technically starts from where the bathing and changing rooms of campers are situated. It takes about 20 to 30 minutes of trekking adventure, I think. The terrain is a little steep and partly narrow yet trouble-free and very accessible. It's actually fun and easy. Even Sky does the climbing himself. This is a game for him. He surely enjoys playing!

Ascending Calaguas Hill
Oh dear sky.. We love to see you smile..

It gets a little dark for the most part of the trail because of the tall trees and tropical lush all over. I think it's good so we don't get much of the sun exposure and we don't get sweaty while trekking. We take it easy walking so we can have more photos. We're all excited on what lies atop, though!

Calaguas Hill Hiking
Green, white and blue... Black over too!

It's a perfect mini-walkathon experience in the the morning blow of the sea breeze. Kids love it! We all do. In a span of short time, we start seeing the beautiful scenery of the grassland blooming through the morning rays of the King sun. It's lovely! Time to explore and experience!

Calaguas Group of Islands at the Back
Fun overloads our beating hearts!

Whichever path we take, we find the view scenic. The mixture of these islets and islands all over, the meeting of water and sky in the horizon, the bracing fresh air we inhale, the invigorating sunlight out of the shade, the green green grass of home.. Hehehe.. And oh, the happy family forever too! Sureness! These are my cups of tea!

Grass Land at Calaguas Island
The roads are all taken..

Sightings of several farm animals savors the adventure in the island too. Sky was already overjoyed to encounter a carabao bathing in its own muddy swamp during the ascend. He's even more thrilled to see a feeding carabao and some goats atop of the hill. What else...? We also see a couple of wild boars, birds and crows..?! Creepy..! Hehehe!

Calaguas Farm Animals
Sky meets the calf.

Hill Animals
Sky just couldn't take off his ear to ear smile despite Kuya Eman's frown.

Locals inhabit the hill top green land. We pay 20 pesos each; a little amount for the maintenance of their little kingdom. They also sell buko and more. They have farm animals and crops around. I see local kids harvesting camote (sweet potato) root crops. I get enthralled so I dig for my own camote too. You may actually harvest crops yourself and pay for them later. I love to pay for one piece of camote I got. Hehehe!

Hill Top Farm
Camote digging marathon!!!

We cannot let this rare moment of playing on top of a green hill just wing its way with the wind. We have to enjoy every refreshing taste of it. This scenery is not a usual thing we could have in the city life. So, let's live forever for one moment. Let's get ourselves amused through wandering, walking, running, jumping, sitting, laughing, eating.. anything...

Running the Hill Top of Calaguas
The Unstoppable Dad and Sky!

Playing with the wind
Bridges of logs.. Full of fun, full of love..

There's this picturesque spot at the edge of the hill where we can take an eye of the whole Mahabang Buhangin view. It's quiet a challenge taking picture of the entire lengthy cove. Standing at the edge of this hill at least gives us an opportunity to witness how long the beach is and with a perfect found-spot maybe a nice whole view could be shot.

Mahabang Buhangin and Tinaga Island
Mahabang Buhangin at the back of the million smiles.

Other side of Calaguas Hill
This is green-walking in the sunlight.

The other side of the hill
I love to see everything this picture has, specially the man in black.

The other side of the hill ranges also offers an impressive distant top view of Calaguas group of islands. They surely give a lovely sight with their shiny white edges and green hills. I think its a good idea that not all of the islands are open for tourists. In fact, according to our guide, only a few of the islands and islets were made available for visitors.

View of Calaguas Group of Islands
Mesmerized inside the shadow of fun.

I hope the locals would keep more of the islands private and secret. You may call it selfishness but yeah.. it is.. One thing I learned from my ethics subject; Selfishness is a Virtue! Let's get selfish! Hehehe!

Going back down to Calaguas Beach Resort
Untrimmed grassland can shelter us for quiet sometime.

Descending the thousands shades of green
Thousand shades of green.

Oh dear time? Why don't you stop ticking for quiet sometime! Aren't you getting tired? I wonder if you could ever try freezing for an instant, for just one moment.. for us? I mean.. We only want to stay here for a little longer. But you wouldn't always permit.. For the most part of it.. it's miserly. So, we have to get moving.. Well, the brighter side is.. we are going island hopping! Yohooo! Let's get trekking back down for another auspicious Calaguas adventure. Island hopping is Yan's favorite. He's the most excited! I can see his smile from ear to ear! Hehehe!

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