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Sky is tremendously happy today! All for one reason.. It's suummeeeeeeerrrr!!! He is a huge fan of a "Happy Family Forever" scheme. Well, family trip is surely on top of our list for summer vacation. We have no idea where to go yet. Not until my phone beeps with a text message from dearly dear sister. We are going to Calaguas Island! Yohooooo!

We are going camping so let's pave the way for packing back packs. Two vehicle convoys with four families including mama and papa (grandparents) are now extra ready for the ride. What are we waiting for? We're always on the go so let's get moving! I can tell, my husband is the happiest of all. He's been waiting for this for ages!

Our journey starts with a ride to Naga City. Of course, it's early morning so we have no any troubles with the traffic. From Naga, we 're heading to Daet, Camarines Norte. Then from Daet, we're traveling to Vinzonz port. Travel time is roughly four hours in total. We are taking a boat ride from Vinzonz to Calaguas Island. The boatmen sent by the travel and tour where we booked our tour package from were already waiting for us even before we arrive.

The boat ride is crazy! The wind waves are insanely wild. I now understand why the boatmen provided us plastic materials to cover our stuff. The waves hit the boats high until the salty sea water splashes on our faces. I can see mom holding still and dad furrowing his brows. They're freaking nervous! Hehehe! But it's nothing to cause for concern. Even Sky is having so much fun with the roaring waves! He thinks we're in a movie. Hehehe. Besides, our 5-month old nephew, Kian, is not even bothered by the bouncy and rowdy ride. In fact, he likes it. Well, he's in deep sleep. You know, we can always laugh the whole thing off. To some degree, I truly enjoy it! I can feel the boat moves harmoniously with the wind sea. We go up and down like a roller coaster water ride for almost two hours. Not until we feel like the sea finally calms.

Then, we start seeing the shiny and shimmery white edges of  Calaguas group of Islands. The boatman says we're getting near our destination. They call it Mahabang Buhangin. The island slowly comes into a dreamy beautiful scenery. Oh wow! Surefire, it takes my fancy not just my craze, right away.

Calaguas Island White Sand Beach
We can stay under the scorching smiling silly sunshine!

Calaguas Island Camarines Norte
You can scribble your hugot lines in this finest sands of time.

OMG! We're finally stepping our very own thrilled feet on this powdery white sand beach. Long has my husband been desiring of setting foot in Calaguas! The long and wide shiny white sand is driving him crazy! It takes his breath away. Believe me, this is the longest cove we have ever seen. This is so far the smoothest, the softest and the whitest beach sand we have ever touched. Well, perception can be opinionated. So, this one's ours. I don't know about yours. Hehehe!

Everything is ready for our two days and one night stay. The open cottage and the tents are all set. As soon as we're ready, the resort people start preparing the cottage's built-in table for our super duper seafood lunch. The meaty shrimps, the grilled big fish, and the whole lot more! In a nutshell, I can't wait for dinner! A dreamlike island with accommodation and dishes like these? I can say, ₱2,300 worth per person is more than worth it!

My husband starts setting up our own tent and hammock under the tree from where we can clearly see the shimmery shiny shore. It's too hot yet windy cold. We opt to wander first before going swimming. We're really Filipinos by heart; scared of the sunlight, of the sunburn and of getting charcoal dark. Hehehe. To our surprise, the island is no longer the same with what we had actually read from a couple of online blog posts. There are several available resorts already. Some of which are the Calaguas Paradise Resort and Waling Waling. Not only open-air cottages are now being offered but also Cabanas or Kubol with air-conditioned rooms. They look really nice and comfy. We might as well try them next time. Maybe when we get over frugality then. Hehehe. Right now, let's just enjoy the best accommodation ever; camping with tents!

Pitching Tent in Calaguas Island

Calaguas Tent Area
Best gadgets in a fantasy island; tent and hammock

Calaguas Tent and Hammock
Little angels and dear sister really do have fun!

Dad and Sky at Mahabang Buhangin
Lovely.. Sky's face though.. Hehehe!

Camping area in Mahabang Buhangin, Calaguas Island
Camping area in Mahabang Buhangin, Calaguas Island

The day gets a little older and we start seeing more people in the shore. They begin crowding the long cove. I never really noticed at first glance that there are a lot of tourists in the beach. Some with two piece, one piece.. maybe no piece? Not sure.. Hehehe! But you know, Mahabang Buhangin is just too wide and too long for all of us to fill it in. I'm not a fan of a crowded place so I'm glad that it doesn't really bother me seeing more people here because the shore is just too big to share with. It never really gets congested. We can set distance from each other and find a perfect spot for our own family private moment. The funny thing is, the shoreline becomes deserted when the sun starts blazing hot! Silence and emptiness can actually occur specially at high noon. It was exactly the scenery we saw when we arrived. So, if you want to go solo, you can come out at noontide. The mind-blowing powdery white shore is all yours!

Sky with his Surf Board
It's blazing hot at noontide! Best time to get tan..

Mahabang Buhangin Powdery White Sand Beach
Let's hail a camera!

Shiny white sand to luminous to greenish and to bluish salt water
From shiny white sand to luminous to greenish and to bluish salt water. This is for real!

We don't have so much time in our hands so we're itching to explore the lengthy fine cove partly barefoot. Oh dear, I personally think it's a kilometer long cove to walk through. So, why don't we continually go swimming while exploring? Let's play in the sand, make some footprints, splash some water, watch the sunset, take pictures, take videos and craft scenes that will assure Sky to always believe in "Happy Family Forever".

Pebble Free Sand
Pebble-free sand.. Perfect for father and son..

Slipper prints in the sand
Slipper prints in the sand with the kiss of bubbly water.

Glossy White Beach
Two peace yoh!

Parental guidance is advised in the island
Parental guidance is advised in the island.

Clear blue water of Calaguas
Let's walk through the afternoon shallow water.

Long Cove of Mahabang Buhangin in Calaguas Islands
The beach powers them through time and again..

A Playground in the Island
Feels like it's their own playground..

Father and Son Cove Trekking
I just love to watch them play around..

The Eco Friendly Resort
Yes, this is part of Calaguas Paradise Resort.

Calaguas Paradise Resort
Let's keep roaming around..

Open-air cottages at Calaguas Paradise Resort
More open-air cottages and photo ops..

Camp Calaguas Kayak Renting
Camp Calaguas Kayak

While strolling, we notice this interesting kind of fruit-bearing tree in the island which we are not familiar with. The fruits look like pineapples in red. They seem to me like hanging red lanterns during Chinese Spring Festival. They smell so good.. a kind of mouth-watering scent. Our cousin, Bem, knows its name. He mentions it and now it's in the tip-of-my-tongue. Hehe!

Calaguas Red Fruits
It's like Chinese New Year lanterns.

Smells Like Teen Spirit
Hmmm... I wonder if they're edible.. Smells like teen spirit.. charot!

Calaguas Family Tree
They call it Family Tree.. Hehehe!

Volley Ball Area in Calaguas Island
Volley ball area for sporty and beachy

More Walk, More Talk, More Love
More walk.. more talk.. more love..

More Sand, More Holding Hands
More sand.. more holding hands..

Waling Waling Resort Calaguas Island
At Waling Waling Resort with cabanas behind and kisses in front..

Family Picture near Waling Waling Resort
I'm a cool dad! I'm a cool dude! What do you think sissy?! What do you say mom?! Hehehe!

A view of the long stretch powdery white sand beach
Mahabang Buhangin; From noon to almost dusk..

Swimming at Calaguas Island
Kiah and Sky.. sky's the limit..

Cabanas at Waling Waling Resort
More Cabanas in Calaguas

Calaguas Sunset
Sunset is a natural phenomenon but it takes one moment to make it exceptional.

Sky and Mom at Sunset View
Sky never really gets short of time..

Dusk is eating away our time. We can go night swimming for as long as we want but the kids are starting freezing cold and we're starving for food. So, we have to take a break from water fun experience and take our much-awaited dinner. Oh God! In my book, Calaguas cuisines are just super extravagant in taste. One thing, abundance at its best! Locals are just so lovely. Best accommodation so far. Salute!

Fire in the sky overlooks the island
Fire in the sky overlooks the island.

The night begins to shine. The starry starry night starts to invite. The mood it sets upon is so out of this world that Yan and I can't help it but take one starry-eyed moment by the beach. A frugal picnic with nuts, chips and soda in the shore while watching the sky lanterns above and Sky, sweet son of ours, playing cheerfully in the sand.. two words.. nothing compares.. I wouldn't trade this one moment of us to a lifetime partying in the world.

Stars in the Sky at Calaguas Island
Stars in the sky.. The only ancient in the modern time..

Bedtime is on. Let's make some silence for our bedtime stories. Oh yeah, the sound of silence in this enormous island is real! Imagine, huge white beach-island with no electricity occupied with locals and different alien races who can all turn mute at a cold starry night.. Wow! Just wow! One more thing, the cold of the wind summons us into sleep. I have to say, this is the first time I feel the highest level of comfort in a secluded island. The atmosphere invites my torso to surrender and take a laid-back deep rest. Goodnight my love.. See you tomorrow in our early morning hike. Goodnight Sky..

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